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Performing Arts Series Directory
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North Carolina

Appalachian State University Performing Arts & Forum Series
H. Perry Mixter, Director
Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County
Libby Seymour, President
Arts Council of Moore County
Chirs Dunn, Assistant Director
Asheville Civic Center
David Pisha, Director
Carolina Union Performing Arts Series
Don Luse, Director
Duke University Artists Series
Susan L. Coon
Duke University
Union Performing Arts Committee
Peter Coyle
East Carolina University Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series
William B. Clutter, Student Center Director
Edgecombe County Arts Council
Meade Horne, Executive Director
Pitt County Arts Council
Ramsey Regional Activity Center
Bud Wilcox, Director
St. Joseph's Historic Foundation Hayti Heritage Center
V. Dianne Pledger, Executive Director
T. B. Heagins, Program Director
Salem College Concert Series
David Schildkret, Director
Southeastern Community College Performing Arts Series
Richard Burkhardt, Director
Surry Arts Council
Tanya Rees, Executive Director
University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Bivens Performing Arts Center
Jon A. Drtina, Executive Director
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Don Hawley, Manager
Western Carolina University Lectures, Concerts & Exhibitions
Bill Haggard
Wingate University
C.T. Harris, Lyceum Committee

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