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Piano Teachers


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  • Pedro Persone -harpsichordist & fortepianist
  • Kathleen Scheide - is a Founding Member and Advisory Board Member of both the San Diego
    Harpsichord Society and the Western Early Keyboard Association (WEKA).

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  • Baxtresser, Margaret - explores the enchanting, nature-filled world of Claude Debussy and the Impressionist Painters.
  • Bo, Eddie - the legendary international piano giant, adept in jazz, blues, funk, contemporary, fusion and New Orleans rhythm.
  • Brown, Claud - the John Cage Residency Project. The site includes,  lecture/recitals featuring Cage's prepared piano music and more.
  • Butler, Henry - article about the eclectic, pianist, singer, and composer; by Roger Hahn.
  • Cardall, Paul  - Piano Soloist
  • Glazier, Richard
  • Gott, Michael - songwriter/singer/pianist. Performance calendar and info on recordings.
  • Grant, Alex
  • Gray, John Michael - solo piano performer.
  • Helfgott, David
  • Hutchinson-Surette, Eric A. - provides piano music for your very special occasion.
  • Kartsonakis, Dino - information on this pianist and entertainer and his music books, records, and CDs.
  • Kreviazuk, Chantal
  • Lanz, David - Contemporary pianist/composer of Cristofori's Dream and many others. Images, discography, and information about other Narada artists.
  • Lewis, Bruce - piano/keyboard stylist who performs at weddings and other special occasions in the greater Boston area, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire.
  • Line, Lorie
  • Mahoney, Dan - Pianist performing/recording new age/classical music on Cape Cod, Martha's Vinyard, Nantucket, and Southeastern Mass. The style is somewhat similar to George Winston, David Lanz, etc.
  • McManus, Steve - new age piano music.
  • Michael J. Stevens - Pianist/composer/bandleader/teacher
  • Memphis "Piano" Joe - boogie woogie blues piano player.
  • Nero, Peter - pianist, conductor, composer and arranger. Site celebrating the legendary piano giant.
  • Stephen Rieck- Original electroacoustic works and performances of Classical on pipe organs and electronic systems.
  • Scherling, Di - plays all her piono music by ear. She's known for her shows in Branson MO at the Cowboy Cafe.
  • Michael Strening Jr.
  • Strommen, Scott - features his debut release, Spontaneous. Original piano solos.
  • Raimondas Sviackevicius - Information about concert accordionist from Lithuania
  • Tagliaferro, Magda - Life and recordings of the Brazilian/French pianist.
  • Tashombe, Fulton - pianist and keyboardist performs nightly at the Kea Lani Hotel in Maui, Hawaii.
  • Wheals, Tim - boogie woogie pianist.


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