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Violin and Viola
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Violin and Viola

Alleyne-Johnson, Ed and Denyze
Anger, Darol
Asmussen, Svend
Baker, Julie

Balzalorsky, Volodja -
Sabrina A. Berger - 5-String Electric Violin Virtuoso brings a new sound to
contemporary and traditional repertoire. Trained at Juilliard and Yale,
Sabrina has found a way to bring the younger generation to classical music.
Mark Bjork

Bron, Zakhar - famous violin teacher Zakhar Bron. Site includes information about classes and his recordings.
Chang, Sarah

Daugherty, Junior
Eisenberg, Irwin
Fischer, Julia

Jorja Fleezanis
Rafael Carlos Gintoli-violinist-Latin American Music
Vadim Gluzman
Hiroki, Tamaki
Judith Ingolfsson - The Gold medalist of 1998 Indianapolis Violin competition - official website with biographical information, guestbook, booking information, schedule and more.
Jung, Soo Min

Johnson-Watkins, Jeanne

Hasse Kahn - Jazz musician, the greatest jazzviolinist in Sweden.
Yuri Kalnits - honorable mention - 2001 International Web Conert Hall Competition
Keylin, Misha

Kivrak, Osman

Young-Nam Kim
Kim, Chin
Berent Korfker - teaches at the Cologne Musikhochschule as assistant of acclaimed Professor Zakhar Bron. He plays the 'King Max-Joseph' Stradivarius.

Ludevig, Alexei -
Lin, Caryn

Lu, Siqing - The winner of  1999 International Web Conert Hall Competition and the first prize of International Paganini Competition.
Martinez, Hugo

Malikian, Ara -
Stefan Milenkovich
Morris, Cathy
O'Connor, Mark
Sally O'Reilly
Plattes, James
Schryer, Pierre
Alexander Skwortsow

Leonid Sushansky
Spalding, Albert
Stockton, Rick

Vilmos Szabadi

Gabora, Taras -
Thredgold, Lynnette
Walker, Phillip



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