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  • Apion1 - Classical piano site, with comprehensive UK concert listings, websites for pianists, newsletter and many other services and features around the piano.
  • Rose Eide-Altman
  • Melissa Black - musician, teacher, session player, pianist
  • Steve Brelsford
  • Coppell Conservatory - Coppell Conservatory is a school for comprehensive piano education and early childhood music located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In 1998, Dr. Sam Holland, head of the piano department at SMU in Dallas, described the Coppell Conservatory as "a model institution".
  • Jon Ensminger - College music teacher
  • Dr. Irina Khovanskaya - Piano Teacher and Performer
  • Larissa Mulligan
  • Inessa Niks - keyboard injuries.
  • Piano on the Net - a commercial site offering some basic jazz-oriented lessons in learnng to play the piano.
  • The Piano Page - technical information about the piano, its construction, repair and maintenance
  • Piano Internet Resources List - collection of links to piano-related resources
  • Piano Home Page - writings on taking lessons, teaching methods, and copyrights
  • The Piano Place - tips, links and more from a teenage piano student
  • Piano Practice Methods - suggestions and techniques to help students practice more effectively
  • Pulse Patterning for Pianists - biomechanically correct way to play piano
  • Dr. Ruslan Sviridov - piano teacher and performer - This site consists of biographical note, some photos and very useful links on classical music sites.
  • The Virtual Piano - diagram of a piano that allows you to find out about the majro pats of a piano and how they work together to produce sound




  • Fabiana Noro - Great experience with opera singers. Large knowledgement of the
    repertoire, especially french and italian(mother tongue french with perfect
    italian). Experience also in conducting chorus and orchestra.Accompanist of
    famous opera singers in Europe.  E-mail:
  • Eleonor England
  • Walt Frasier
  • Chrys Page - Vocal Teacher and Coach - offers vocal instruction via tape or wave file exchange, a self-teaching vocal strengthening manual, accompaniment tapes, lots of good advice on making it in musical theater and/or the recording biz, and links to great music sites.
  • Darlene Marks
  • Michele Milano - Piano/voice teacher v- Faith on Fire is a music studio and the official website of Michele Milano singer/songwriter and pianist who sings primarily classical and inspirational music, but contemporary christian as well.


  • Johnny Byrne - Drum Instructor - On The Teaching staff At West Coast Drums in Santa Ana.Teach all styles(Beg,inter,adv)Looking For possible community college. Johnny Byrne (909)898-9794
  • Karen Stafford
  • Greg Giese - Music Educator


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